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Hi I’m Sanguinax, I’m 21 and I do engineering studies and I like blizzard games !

I’m a fan especially of Starcraft and Warcraft. I began with Warcraft II then Starcraft, Warcraft III then Starcraft II. I quickly played WoW from vanilla to WotK especially to be aware of the current Warcraft lore. I also tested for a month Cataclysm and will try Mist of Pandaria.


I started to play with the map editor with all these game and I began serious things with Warcraft III. The Worldedit editor was powerful and the Galaxy edior of SCII is even more powerful.

I rather played Warcraft II and Starcraft on the campaign and on LAN. Then I played Warcraft III on team games and custom games and played Starcraft II on 1v1 and team.

I also read most of the books/ebooks/mangas/comics of Warcraft and Starcraft.


What I think about SCII custom games is that they are not as intense as Warcraft III ones. First I think that Blizzard custom map system is not the best. At he beginning of WoL that was awful and that had discouraged lots of mapper (me included). Then the system evolved but I think that it’s far from being the best. Second thing is that creating simple map is more complicated than in Warcraft III. I don’t know if a beginner can handle easily with it.

But I have good hope with further SCII updates and expansions. I thing that SCII will have as life expectancy as Starcraft I (thanks to Legacy of void) and this is good for maps creation.

You can contact me at Sanguinax[at]


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  1. Hello, je kiffe vraiment ce que tu fais, c’est un projet aussi audacieux que prometteur ! Est-ce qu’il y aurait un moyen de te contacter, stp ? Tu as mon mail ! :p

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