About the game

War4craft: Battle Realms is a project for people like me who want to relive the feelings of playing Warcraft III but with the game engine of Starcraft 2. Let’s revive epic battles with not a lot of units but longer fights and a lot of microgestion with heroes spells. Warcraft III units are imported from WoW. The lore of the mod is the current lore of World of Warcraft (same era).

The game won’t be a clone of Warcraft III but it will inspire a lot from it. It will also have some gameplay parts from the game Battle Realms (A good strategic game, not very well know, who came out in the same times as WarIII).

The game is currently under development in alpha but a beta will be released in early 2013 for everyone on BattleNet EU. The development have started on November 2012 and the aim of the project is to have some good gameplay bases and finish the mod relatively quickly.

Depending on how the mod is welcomed by the community, additional contents could be released like : another races, more maps, solo campaign, coop mod vs AI…

Here are some gameplay video :

And you can check out the FAQ


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