News from holidays

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Hello !

Just to announce that I developed a new mod on July based on War4craft BR, currently in private beta. It’s like the mod of Warcraft III called Rabbits vs Sheeps ! It was my favorite mod on Warcraft III on it’s late time. Remember the picture :

Rabbit vs Sheeps

And in August I’ve been working for Sketchfab. It’s a website where you can upload your 3d model and see them directly on your browser using WebGL technology. Here is an example of Varian Wrynn :

Varian Wrynn (click to view in 3D)

Varian Wrynn

Here on there isn’t an embed for 3d models, but you can embed it on a forum, or on your website with your own server.

And also, If you are interested in a total cloning of Warcraft III, have a look to Warcraft: A News Dawn It’s a huge project and I’m in touch with them.


You decide what’s next

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Now that you can test the game by yourself, you can decide what you want next in the mod, check the link :


There, you can vote for an existing idea, or you can also add your own idea or ask for a bug fix if you find one.

War4craft Battle Realms Beta is out !

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Here it is ! 

Everyone who possess Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm can now play the War4craft Battle Realms mod on the Arcade on !

The game is available on EU and NA servers by searching the name of the mod on the search field. I hope you will enjoy it. Don’t forget that it is your mod and you can decide the way the mod will evolve by voting for new features at

Reminder :

The mod is a Warcraft  strategic game like, not a Warcraft 3 clone.

The beta map is a 2v2 map but you can also play it in 1v1 or FFA.

See you on !

Done !

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The last things that needed to be fixed are done !

Team color on units and building are finally done and every major bugs are fixed ! I’m currently doing lots of tests to fix as more minor bugs as I can before the release.

Tave a look :

The next article will be the beta announcement date, with a video trailer I’m currently working on.

Check list

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On the final steps for the release !

Hots added lots of stuff (and yes I play the campain). That’s why I needed to arrange the mod with these news features. So the mod will be available for people who own HOTS.

What’s new ?

All spells are done, heroes work properly, hots stuff are added and fixed, UI descriptions have been implemented. The TownHall portal has been added.

Waht’s left ??! We wanna play wtf !?

Some minor bugs need to be fixed (like creep location in the radar or some bug exploit with some spells) and finish unit team color.

Here is an example of one of the new spells : the scouting arrow :

Mage and Paladin Spells

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Here are the auto-cast spell of the Mage and the Life on hit spell of the Paladin, both can be use with upgrades. More of these screenshots spells in the fight section.

Mage Spell2

Pala Spell2

I look forward to see the new features of Hots that could improve the mod !

Working on the remaining spells

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Here are some screenshots showing 4 units spells added in the fight screenshots section.

Poisoned Dagger

Flaming Arrows